Casino Deposit Bonus Types

The gambler need for online betting houses grows steadily. Thus, the operators face stiff competition. From the very beginning, a casino deposit bonus has been the most powerful tool for alluring players. Users, who tend to look over online websites for lucrative promos, know that deposit ones are the most profitable.

There are 3 common types of the perk: match, reload and combinations. There is the main difference between these two kinds. The first one is a one-time proposition. And the second gives a profit from your deposit. As a rule, operators award their clients with cash, applying various terms & conditions.

1st Deposit

When you sign-up to a casino, make the first contribution to activate your Real Money profile. If you agree and account 15-25 bucks to your balance, you can claim a bonus. These funds are enough to start gambling and winning at long last.

However, this present is often too small for whales. They prefer to spend much more substantial sums on their hobby. Big players can deposit hundred or even thousand of dollars at a visit. Venues treat such people with bigger prizes, depending on their investments’ amounts.

2nd Deposit

Deposit Bonus at CasinoMost gaming houses don’t mind offering more bonuses. Particularly, it means that your 2nd contribution should bring you a reward for staying with a chosen casino. It may come as the reload extra, covering several deposits in a row.

In general, the amount of received cash after the 2nd replenishment is less compared with the gift for the 1st investment. Still, the add-on may come as a separate match present. There are other variants and combinations possible, as venues strive to make their deals to be the most expedient ones.

Sizes of Casino Match Bonus

The match extra is among the most sought-after perks. Some inventive users even come up with different tricks in order to get the freebie from one operator for several times.

Any consequences and penalties don’t stop them. The point is that the bonus is available after depositing, and it’s a percentage of your replenishment.

Nevertheless, the size and the upper limit of this complement is set by a house. Besides, it also depends on the player’s type. If you’re a low-roller, yours can be 100% or 200% as usual. High-rollers, however, obtain a higher percentage.


As a rule, 100% match bonus is a welcome bounty that is accounted upon signing. If you can’t get the idea, see the example: your investment is $50, so the add-on will be 50 bucks too. The size of the offer varies from place to place.

Ordinarily, it’s up to $300 or so. Therefore, some establishments propose this gift on a regular basis. In this instance, unfortunately, the amount is less, up to 100 dollars. It means that if you top up with $150, you won’t be able to gain the same sum, only $100.


Those who seek for lucrative prizes should look for casinos with 200% match bonus. To say the least, this is a highly beneficial deal for many players. For instance, you boost your bankroll with $70, and a house gives you another $140 to try some of favorite games. Yet, this kind of freebie is also limited. Averagely, the sum is up to $400-500. We hope you agree that it’s substantial money allowing you to raise your stakes essentially.


Casino Deposit BonusWhales are those gamblers who play for high stakes. These people are the VIPs with the best treatment ensured by the operator’s staff. They top up their balances with thousands of bucks, helping win big cash sums.

Venues try to turn them into regular clients by setting %400 or %500 conformity rates. They receive unbelievable money pots with only one condition. The deposit’s amount that activates exactly this offer is determined by a gaming house itself.

It can be $500 and higher. But, doing this way is appropriate only for pros and rich people, as the strategy must also differentiate.

Bonus Combinations

Avid casino users search only for places that suggest bonus combinations. It implies that your contribution(-s) is a chance to gain not only cash. You also receive free spins. It’s like a lucky combo. You can find dozens of such propositions on the web.

They all vary, but often, the sum coming with this kind of offers is less than the one, coming with deals without gratis turns. Moreover, FSs are to spend only on determined slots. Be careful though, any present has its wagering requirements – don’t accept anything until having read and understood all related terms.

Playthrough Conditions

Without a doubt, everyone who has ever visited any gambling website is aware of the playthrough rates. In other words, it’s a sum that you must win in the process to get the right to withdraw the casino gift. It doesn’t imply that this money should stay on your account, it’s a quantity of bets you must put in.

If an operator provides you with $100 and the requirements are 40 times, then you must wager $4,000 afore the extra can be rightfully taken out. But, the usual numbers are 20-40 times. Remember that no-deposit proffers have tighter conditions, and new venues set smaller rates to lure their clientele.