Referral Casino Bonus Procedure

There are a lot of online casinos in the gambling industry. All together they create the competitive atmosphere on the Internet. Each of them tries to be the best in providing better and faster service. Any staking room tries to offer as many games and promotions as possible.

Besides the common sign-up or match bonuses, there are special awards such as refer-a-friend gifts. As you understand from its name, it will be given to a player if he invites his friend to join a certain betting house.

Invite Your Buddies to Casino

Firstly, to get the reward you must be a registered player. You have to go to the bonus page and then fill in the details about your friend. Then you give him a referral link. He should note from what source (you) he learned about this casino. After the enrollment is completed, your comrade can place bets, bringing you some extra cash.

Make Sure Your Mate Has Made A Deposit

Making a deposit is very important for your buddy. Without his contribution, you will not receive the casino bonus. The fact that he funds the account proves his intention to play in the betting room. Thus the operator wants to know that your referred friend is going to play for sure. Your pal also benefits from this deal. He gets the same bonus and additionally, he can claim for another reward, for instance, a welcome one.

Snag Your Refer A Friend Bonus

Referral Casino BonusWell, you’ve successfully invited one or two or even more comrades, so you can just wait for allowance on your account. Normally, it goes in the form of extra cash.

But sometimes it may be some other things. For instance, it may be a percentage of your friend’s activity in the betting room. Everything depends on the gaming operator.

Cash Sum

So, the first form of the prize is money. It can be either a withdrawable cash or bonus amount that cannot be taken out. It is used primarily for further gambling activity.

Usually, the casino will give you from 20 to 200 dollars per one invitation. For example, if you engage twenty people, you will get $1,000 ($50 per buddy).

It does not always mean that you can do the same if the reward is $200/friend. It is more than likely that you will be allowed to bring only 2-4 comrades. As a result, your total gift sum will be around $1,000. However, such a present is pretty generous. It is more common that betting rooms will offer you max $200 for the referred players.

% of Pal’s First Investment

The same scheme, but you are offered an extra % of the friend’s deposit instead of fixed cash. Who knows how much he or she will decide to contribute? Get 100 percent from his or her first investment of $50.

But, again, the sum is not limitless. Usually, the max possible profit from the present is $100.

Regular Percent of Fellow’s Losses/Deposits

Sometimes you can find the reward in the form of a percentage of your friends’ losses. It may be included in the referral program as a regular present. You receive a small % of what your buddy has lost. In case of deposits, it can be not only the first contribution, like in the previous example.

Some Important Casino Bonus Details

To be aware of all possible results of your activity, study terms and conditions. As there may be some unexpected situations.

For instance, if you invite an already registered comrade, then the casino will consider you as the bonus abuser. Usually, betting rooms nullify all the funds of such players. It is a typical policy against scams and abuse. Make sure your friend has never played on this website before.Refer-A-Friend Casino Bonus

Another important thing is playthrough conditions. Usually, your mate has to wager his sign-up bonus several times (around 25-40), if Ts&Cs state so, and only after that you will receive the reward.

Moreover, you have to satisfy the wagering requirements from your side. But usually, this value is lower (about 15-20). However, sometimes, you only need a deposit from your good friend.

Very often staking houses impose limitations on the max number of fellows. It may vary a lot. Some websites allow you to invite ten people, some – up to 20.

The most common restriction is that it is forbidden to have two or more activated prizes at the same time. So, be sure you do everything legally.